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3D Lipo


The Challenge

The 3D Brand has partnered with WEBVID since 2013, creating a variety of content across a wide range of products and services, featuring clients and celebrities.

Our mission has always been to help drive the brand forward with glossy online content – for both consumers and franchisees alike. Assets are used to create a buzz and inform on new products and features.


Our key focus has been to create brand cohesion across all of 3D’s digital content, helping create a recognisable image that will assist a strong PR campaign. Whether it’s slick product videos, exciting trade show coverage or a professional brand activation we ensure the look and feel of the production identifies as something that echoes the 3D Lipo brand.


Our PR content has been viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube alone, which has helped spread the word far and wide. Our training videos have aided multiple franchisees and allowed 3D Lipo to scale their business in an effective way.